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Book Pop Workshop is your one-stop-shop course and community for women to get you from book idea 👉 to proposal 👉 to literary agent 👉 to acquisition with a traditional publisher.

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Shape Your Book Idea

Learn how to pull the meaning out of the moments in your life to discover your book idea that serves and sells.

Get a Book Deal

Get your book acquired through step-by-step proposal writing, query letter templates, and finding an agent.

Gain Influence

Your book is your ticket to speaking gigs, podcasts, press and most importantly, impact on your audience.

All The Tools You Need To Write Your Book and Get it Acquired 📖


Maybe you have a great book idea, but you have no idea how to find an agent to represent it and find you a publisher.

Maybe you've written a proposal and looked for an agent but have come up empty.

Maybe you KNOW you were meant to write a book but are unsure where to begin.

Maybe you're already writing your book and you want to see it on shelves.

Maybe you're in your head because you think you have a small audience and no agent or publisher will sign you.

Does any of the above sound familiar? If so, keep reading! 👇

Yes, I am IN!

Hey, I'm Jess. 

I went from getting rejection after rejection from literary agents and publishers to getting a six-figure publishing deal for my book Chasing the Bright Side (and that's my book on shelves at Walmart! Hey, Michelle!).

For awhile, I thought Chasing the Bright Side wasn't going to happen...less than a year later and over 75,000 copies sold, I'm so glad I persevered.

Now, I want to help more women do the same thing: get their words in print and get paid to do it.

The world needs more diverse voices out there. We can't just keep saving the front facing shelves for books that look like the SAME PEOPLE. I'm passionate about helping women monetize their story so they can make a living and make a difference at the same time.

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We need inspiration from women voices now more than ever.

That's why this course and community is built exclusively for women or anyone who identifies as a woman.
Note: this isn't a book WRITING course, this is a book PUBLISHING course. We'll get into writing tips and best practices, but the writing should be your flare. I'll show you how to publish it.

Here's what's included in Book Pop Workshop:

Video Modules:

Module 1: Nailing your book idea
Module 2: Outlining your book
Module 3: Writing a killer proposal

Module 4: Create a lead magnet about your book
Module 5: Finding a literary agent + getting the deal
Module 6: Finishing the manuscript
Module 7: Cover and titling
Module 8: Self-publishing + Picking Amazon Categories
Module 9: Next steps

Bonus: Speaker videos from Write the Dang Book

*All videos are also closed captioned

I'll continue to update the course as the industry changes and as I learn more as an author!

Take the course at your own pace- everyone has their own book writing timeline!

Downloads + Extras:

Proposal checklist

Agent query letter template

Chapter Outline Sheet

Moment to Meaning Worksheet

Book Transformation Roadmap

Manuscript Deadline Tracker

Key Terms Dictionary

Storytelling Starters

Agent pitching list

One month free of Bright Pages

Writing tip checklist

And my FAVORITE part...access to the incredibly engaged and inspiring Speaker Sister Community of over a thousand women who speak and write books. 

I am in!



"Wow! I am no newbie to online courses but what is new with this one is I don't fold my laundry, eat snacks, or scroll while learning! Nope = you will press pause every few minutes to jot down these amazing nuggets of wisdom & tips Jess is giving! You will never be bored- I made so many notes and with her downloads to take the 'how' out- I am pumped to get this book finally out of my head and into the world! Finally a book writing course with some tangible tips that don't overwhelm but only get you buzzed to begin."

- Tara Slater

Before you sign up, read this... 

Did you know that only 5% of people who purchase online courses actually finish them?!

That is bananas 🍌

My theory is that some online courses out there are more like a library of everything about that topic instead of just what you need to know to get to where you want to go.

My courses are designed to be:

  • finished
  • results driven
  • and fun 🥳

I know I'm not supposed to say this, but literally everything you could ever want to know can be found on Google... so it's my job to cut through the clutter, share my lived experiences and give you the necessary information so you can just start and get your book on shelves.

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What is included...

  • Access to all course materials
  • Access to the closed Speaker Sister Facebook Community
  • Free access to my Launch Your Book Course

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Save 25%! Plus...

  • Everything in 3 monthly plan plus...
  • A group kick-off call with me!  🙋‍♀️
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Book Pop + Mic Drop


Two full courses + the Launch Your Book Micro Course

  • Everything in the full plan ($997) plus...
  • Full access to Mic Drop Workshop, my public speaking course for women ($997 value)

Let me show you the inside of the course 👇


You have two options:


You can write this book yourself and figure out the process as you go.


Or, through my course and community, I can fast track you and we can do this together.


Either way, you're going to write this book. I'll just help you get there sooner...and maybe have more fun along the way.

After I released my book...

I got more speaking engagement requests, I could charge higher rates, I got more press and podcast requests, my social media audience grew, I got verified on my social channels, but most importantly...

I was able to tell my story in a way that helps people through their story. I want to help you do the same thing.

And with all my offerings, if you do the work and it doesn't work for you, I'll give you a 100% refund.

Let's write the dang book